HOK Festival
10th Annual HOK FESTIVAL - MAY 25-26, 2018

HOK FESTIVAL (Help our Kids)
HOK began in 2009 as Helping Other Kids, with the parents committee of Ecole Regionale St. Jean Baptiste. It began as a BBQ, kids concert and games. People would bring gently used items that we loaded onto a trailer along with peas and beans in conjunction with Roy Legumex. This trailer was sent somewhere overseas to help those kids. 
In 2010 we added a 3 on 3 street hockey tournament and sent the trailer to Equador. We were also able to raise funds to buy 2 sledges for the arena in town so a local girl could "skate" with her friends, as she had lost her legs to meningitis.
In 2011, we decided to change the festival name from Helping Other Kids to Helping Our Kids as we saw a need to not only help others, but to help those right here in our community. With this name change we also made this a festival as a kids community fundraiser. The festival was still run by the parents committee of only 5 members. We saw a need and a want in our community to repair our tennis courts and build a skatepark. 
2011 & 2012 funds were given towards the Tennis Court & Skatepark project. With only 5 members on the parents committee and the rate of the growth of the festival, it has now made its own committee, the HOK Festival committee.
In 2013, the HOK festival committee has grown along with the festival. It is now a 2 day event with much more than just a BBQ, kids concert and games. The money raised this year will once again be given to the Tennis Court & Skatepark project.

Funds from recent years have gone towards improving the festival with the purchase of boards and netting for the rinks, bleachers as well as supporting other community needs. 
Fast forward to 2017 and here we are. Our skate park is a reality, as are the tennis/multi-purpose courts. What's next? Come join us this year and see how far we can take a small-town fundraiser!