Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

If you have concerns regarding stray dogs or are looking for your own animal, please contact the following:

RM of Montcalm office: (204) 737-2271 or our Animal Control Officer at (204) 746-0593



All residents of the RM of Montcalm are required according to By-Law No. 751/15 obtain a dog license for their dog(s).

 License fees are as follows, as outlined in the By-Law:

  • License applications received is good for the life of the dog.
  • Any breed not neutered or spayed - $10.00 per dog
  • Any breed neutered or spayed - $5.00 per dog

We require a proof of rabies shots document as well as documents proofing the dog(s) have been spayed or neutered. 

Please note: Dog owners withing the Municipality must obtain a dog license if the dog(s) are over the age of 3 months. 

 Animal Control

  • Impoundement, Treatment, Exam  - Actual Costs
  • License Tag Replacement   -  $5.00
  • License Dog Transfer fee   -  $5.00
  • Cat Trap Deposit   -  $50.00
  • Cat Trap Rental   - $10.00/month
Kennel Permits
  • Initial Application   -  $100.00
  • Annual Renewals (no hearing required)  - $25.00
  • Annual Renewal (hearing required)  - $100.00

Animal Care Line

 If you suspect that a pet is not being properly treated or taken care of please contact the following:

Animal Care Line 1-204-945-8000 or toll free 1-888-945-8001 or email 

For more information on what signs to look for please click on the following link: CARELINE POSTER FEB 2014.pdf


Living with Wildlife Brochures

To all our residents please view the two living with wildlife brochures we have attached for your information.

For more information on Licensing Applications or to obtain copies of our Animal Control Bylaw 751-15,

you can contact us at (204) 737-2271 or


Attached By-laws:

By-law 751/15 Animal Control: Animal control bylaw amended.pdf