Our Government

The Rural Municipality of Montcalm was incorporated in 1882. A special celebration was held on June 13, 2007 to mark the municipality’s 125th anniversary. 

The R.M. of Montcalm is located approximately 60 kms south of Winnipeg in the heart of the Red River Valley and has three population centres: Saint-Joseph, Letellier and Saint-Jean-Baptiste.


We are active members in the Manitoba Association of Bilingual Municipalities, Pembina Valley Water Coop, and Altona and District Health Care Board as we strongly believe in creating partnerships to assure our continued growth and diversification.


The Rural Municipality of Montcalm coupled with entrepreneurial residents is well positioned for economic development. However, agriculture is still the main industry driving the economy in our region.


The municipality is committed to providing ratepayers with good quality services at competitive and cost efficient rates. Our employees are expected to perform good quality work within a team atmosphere in return for fair compensation. Employees are expected and required to ensure proper procedures are followed and to serve all the ratepayers in a manner that enhances the quality of services provided.


Council members will endeavour to consistently interpret and implement policies with consideration to fairness and discretion.