Letellier Athletic Association

The Letellier Athletic Association is responsible for the Letellier Park, Rink and Community Centre. 
For more information or inquiries email letelliercc@gmail.com

Letellier Community Centre
Located: 10 Third Ave E
Contact Barb at 204-898-7681 
Contact Jessica at 204-295-2863
Letellier Park 
Located: 10 Third Ave E
Contact Devona at 204-712-0774
Letellier Rink 
Located: 4 & 6 Railway St 
Contact TJ at 204-712-6907
Letellier Athletic Association Fitness Centre
For inquiries or to purchase a membership, please contact by phone or text: 

Jessica 204-295-2863 or Darcy 204-216-0502 or email us.